For each week, I will list what part of the book we are addressing and what you should look into to prepare for the quiz.  Homeworks are turned in by doing the Zylabs exercises and are due by midnight Sunday of the week they are assigned.  Quizzes are on Fridays, in class. There are a lot of web resources to help you beyond zybooks.  I often google something like "Python dictionary example" or some such.  Google has a good overview of the basics, and the NSA has published its Python into.



Assigned Problems Quiz date

zyBooks Chapter 1

Work through all of Chapter 1 (1.1-1.20) in your Zybooks online workbook

 midnight, Sunday, January 12

zyBooks Chapter 2

Work through all of the Chapter 2 readings (2.1-2.11) in your Zybooks online workbook plus the assigned zyLabs (2.12, 2.16, 2.17)

midnight, Sunday, January 19

zyBooks Chapters 4 & 5

Work through the two "flow of control" chapters, 4 & 5

midnight, Sunday, January 26

Zybooks Chapters 6 & 7

Work thorugh the functions and Strings chapters.

Midnight, Sunday, Feb 2

Chapters 8 & 11

 Work through the Tuples and Lists and Modules chapters.

Midnight, Sunday, Feb 9

Chapters 9 & 11

Work through the Classes and Modules Chapters

Midnight, Sunday Feb 16

Chapter 12 

 Work through Files Chapter

Midnight, Sunday Feb 23

Chapter 13

Work through the inheritance Chapter

Midnight, Sunday March 1

Chapter 11

Work through the Exceptions Chapter

Midnight, Sunday, March 8

Chapter 14

Work through the Recursion Chapter

Midnight, Sunday March 15